by Lianne Walker
Wonder Podcast Archive
This is the archive for the Wonder Podcast that was a show about the people, places and events that shape our world. These shows are here for you to enjoy.

This is the WONDER podcast

The show where each week you will hear 

Tales of Wonder and Curiosity

from across the globe, about the people, places and events that shape our daily lives.

Welcome to the Wonder Podcast

We live in a world full of wonder, of extraordinary people, places and things that shape our daily lives in some way.

How do they do that and why does it matter? Let’s find out.

With help from science, history, real-life and mystery the WONDER show will give insights on our world, some visible, some invisible but all wonderful.

Some stories you may know, some you may not but what you will discover is the enormous capacity, diversity and connection of our wonderful world.

Brought to you by InJustOneDay and hosted by me Lianne Walker, the show will go out every Wednesday and will run for 8 weeks each Season.

You can catch up with the shows by listening and subscribing here on the website, via RSS  or wherever you pick up your podcasts

I hope you enjoy the shows.

Until next time       Have a Great day !






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