The Unknown Man

by Lianne Walker

Wonder Podcast

Season 2 Episode 3



On the morning of December 1, 1948, a body was found on an Adelaide Beach in South Australia. The Unknown Man was lying slumped forward with his head against the seawall. He was well dressed wearing a suit with immaculately shined shoes but he had no identification on him of any kind.


In the almost 70 years since that December day when he was found, no one has been able to discover the man’s identity, where he came from, what he was doing on the beach that day or how he died.


What can this Unknown Man tell us?

The piece from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

The note found in the Unknown Man’s trouser pocket



The sources I mentioned in the show are listed below

The book of the case by GM Feltus (2010)

Professor Abbott’s University of Adelaide lectures –

Lecture 1 

Lecture 2

Primary source material from Adelaide University

Article about the case from the Science X network

Article written about the case for Hubpages


Code (cipher) on the book of the Somerton man

The code on the book believed to belong to the Unknown Man



The beautiful background music is by a wonderful musician, Daniel Bordovsky, who works under the name Borrtex. You can find more about him at his website here.


The Unknown Man's Grave in Somerton

The Unknown Man’s Grave


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