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Season 3 Episode 5

Mark Twain – Turning Point of my Life




Mark Twain : Wikimedia Commons


The Wonder Show is about the people, places and events that shape our daily lives.


Often those events are entirely out of our control, our destiny is shaped not only by our own actions and often inaction but also those of others and of circumstance.


This idea is shaped beautifully by Mark Twain in an essay that he wrote, called “The turning point of my life”.


For today’s show, I am going to read that essay taken from a collection of Mark Twain’s essays by Samuel Clemens (who is of course better known as “Mark Twain”!), called “What is Man? – and other essays”. The collection is on the public domain and available for free via Project Gutenberg.


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The source material for this episode can be found at Project Gutenberg


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Crossing of the Rubicon:Wikimedia commons

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