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Royal Project

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Season 1 Episode 8



Today, high in the hills of Northern Thailand you will find acres upon acres of beautiful agricultural and environmental projects that have brought prosperity, education and health to a nation that less than half a century ago was in the grip of the worst opium crisis the world has known.


This change was brought about by a man who was raised in the West but at a young age was thrust into a life of duty much earlier than he had expected.


He was a quiet man, with a love for science and the environment, for photography and who was an accomplished jazz musician.


He would become the longest reigning monarch and a much revered and loved King who would leave a legacy to his country and his people recognised the world over.


This is the story of King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Phoo-mi-Pohn uh Doon-Ja-deht) or Rama IX, of Thailand, his legacy to his nation and his people.


King Bhumibol and his people

The King and his people


The sources I mentioned in the show are listed below

Thailand Sustainable Development Foundation

The Life of King Bhumibol

Chaipattana Foundation – set up by King Bhumibol



The beautiful background music is by a wonderful musician, Daniel Bordovsky, who works under the name Borrtex. You can find more about him at his website here.

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