by Lianne Walker

Here are resources and links to things that I use daily (or have used), that I read to, listen to, look at and enjoy; I hope you enjoy them.

Any reviews on here are my own, always read, seen, listened to or used.

I’ll only review things I like or believe in, not for promotion, so you know that if it’s here, it’s because I value it.

If you do have any questions or recommendations, please get in touch.

Some of the links will be affiliate links, which means that I earn a small commission if you decide to buy the service or product at no extra cost to you. (see affiliate disclosure in the footer).

If you do decide to use my link, thanks very much. Your trust means everything to me, and I’ll never compromise that.

Have fun and enjoy your day!

See you!

Lianne x


Namecheap – this is who I have used for a long time now for all my domains. They not only have great prices but their support is second to none and their website really easy to use.

siteground logoSiteGround Hosting – This is my website hosting provider. I have had 100% uptime with them, they are incredibly fast, secure and again their support is fantastic. I highly recommend them.


WordPress – my site runs on WordPress; it is brilliant, open source and with some fantastic free and paid themes and plugins. It is the self hosted platform ( That’s the one I recommend.


ThemeForest – this is where you can find thousands of themes for any kind of website you can think of. My theme is a paid theme by Penci Design. The theme is called Soledad and is really easy to use with tons of options.

Mailchimp – this is who I use for my email marketing. Really simple to use with lots of templates to choose from. It is free for up to 2000 subscribers as well.


For new podcasters, there is lots of information out there but the two sources I recommend are

Podcaster’s Paradise – this is run by John Lee Dumas and Kate Erickson of Entrepreneurs on Fire. This is not only fantastic training but also a great community. Both Kate and John are very actively involved with monthly webinars and Qs and As for the community. The course takes you from how to Create a podcast, to Growing it and to Monetising it. It is easy to follow and really comprehensive. They also have a free podcast course that you can take to try out their teaching style if you want to do that.


Again the choices are huge but what I use is

MicrophoneATR2100 – this is a brilliant Dynamic USB microphone that is a good price with high quality audio.

Microphone Stand – the Rode Swivel Mount Stand – this makes life so much easier and stops any vibration from the desk or floor – easy to mount and really solid.

Pop Filter – this stops the plosive sounds when you are speaking and makes your audio a bit clearer.

It can be either a microphone foam cover or a flexible microphone pop filter that sits in front of the microphone. These come in various sizes and price points so choose the best one for you.

Headphones – I would suggest you pick any headphones that suit you and have good sound quality – these are the Audio Technica ones that I use.


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