Reading List

by Lianne Walker
Reading List

This page is a Reading List sharing, what I regard are, the best books I’ve read in various categories and ones that I recommend.


I love books and read most days; that means I manage to read about 40 books a year, sometimes more, sometimes less.

Over the years my interest has changed from fiction to more non-fiction books, but I do still read some fiction.

I have also grown to enjoy audiobooks a lot, when I’m out walking if I’m not listening to a podcast then I will be listening to an audiobook.

I have an annual Audible membership; the value is incredible. You can get individual books or series of books, that cost far more than the monthly subscription, for just one credit.

There is also something really soothing about listening to a book that is being read by someone with a great voice.

As I continue to read I will add to this list so keep coming back.

Non-Fiction Books

Fiction Books

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