Quotes to Live By – Andy Warhol

by Lianne Walker

Andy Warhol was a brilliant artist who is most remembered for his work in the 1960s. His knowledgeable quotes still resonate today.

His work is prized the world over. He was a fashion icon of his time, well known for his eccentric lifestyle and his sharp eye for business.

He was born in Pittsburgh and lived and worked in New York. His New York studio was a magnet for the artistic and creative community and became a well-known place to gather.

His work brought art, pop culture, lifestyle and advertising together in a way that had never been done before.

He died in 1987 at only 58; his work is immortalised in a permanent museum in his home town of Pittsburgh.

Today’s quote to live by reflects Andy Warhol’s work and creative life well, he worked hard and played hard but he was a committed artist.

andy warhol quote

We can make an impact as well because what we do today matters.

Through our connections, communication, work and life we have the opportunity to make an impact in so many ways. Taking time to make conscious choices and be present for those who matter will mean that we can leave the world a better place for all.

Until Next Time. Have a great day !

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