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Phineas Gage

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Season 2 Episode 2

Phineas Gage, the man who shone a light on neuroscience and the workings of our brain


In 1848, a young man called Phineas Gage was carrying out a dangerous job on the railroad in central Vermont, USA.  He was the foreman of a team of men who respected him greatly.


On this day, 13 September 1848, this man was doing something he had done hundreds of times before but that day his attention was diverted for just a few seconds.


These few seconds, would change his life forever and his experience would become one of the keystones of our understanding of neuroscience and of human behaviour.


This is the curious story of Phineas Gage and his impact on the world of science.


The memorial rock in Cavendish



The sources I mentioned in the show are listed below

Dr Harlow’s 1868 report

Malcolm Macmillan’s Book  – An Odd Kind of Fame

The report of the 2004 study of Phineas Gage’s skull

Article by Malcolm Macmillan in the Psychologist

A representation of Phrenology


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