A Line in the Sand – you know when…….

by Lianne Walker

We have all been there, I am sure, where it gets to a point (or a few points) in our lives when we know that we have crossed a line in the sand.

That place, where we need to do something about it, whatever it is or else things will rapidly go downhill.

You know when

It is time to start doing more exercise and eating better when you haven’t stepped on the scales for weeks, your shirt, skirt or trousers have “shrunk in the wash” or you think I’ll just let that bus go by rather than sprint for it.

You know when

It is really time to start taking your own health more seriously and getting a check up if you feel constantly tired, have headaches, stomach aches, feel bloated and have a can’t be bothered attitude to just about everything.

You know when

It is time to take a long hard look at yourself and your outlook when you find yourself avoiding people, not going places or not finishing things that need to be done.

This could be as simple as not calling your Mum or visiting a friend for a catch up or cleaning the house.

It could be more complex things such as taking time off work regularly, making excuses to yourself and others about why you can’t get involved in something.

It could be starting lots of new things because you get a burst of motivation and then quickly becoming “bored” and moving away from it leaving it half done.

You know when

It is time to “tighten your financial belt” and start budgeting better when you run out of money with 10 days to go before payday or you have no idea how you could have spent so much when you know you are spending on trivial and unnecessary things. If you find yourself starting to ‘rob Peter to pay Paul” or asking for handouts from family members or friends, it is time to take stock.

You know when

It is time to pay more attention to family and friends when you are coming home later and later from work or when you start forgetting important dates or outings.

If you never seem to have time to hear about how their day has gone or when you find yourself promising you will do something “later” or “tomorrow” and don’t keep that promise, its time to look up and take a time out.

A line in the sand - smell the flowers

One Day Changes Everything

Do you recognise your self in any of this? It is so easy to get drawn in and before we know it we feel trapped. It may (or may not) surprise you to know that often it doesn’t take much of a change at all for you to start seeing things turn around for the better and it will happen quicker than you may have imagined. One Day will be enough to see a change, one small step can make all the difference you need.

As we say here “One Day changes everything.”

Here are 3 small step changes you can do today to get your life back on track (or keep it on track before you reach that line in the sand).

Start each morning and end each day writing

First thing in the morning write down the 5 things you need to do and want to get done that day.

They should be one health thing, one family thing, one work thing, one social thing and one financial thing. One of each! 

In the evening, review those 5 things and see where you are, what you achieved, what you didn’t and why.   What can you do to make things different tomorrow?

Give yourself a break

Accept that you can’t do everything, that you have 24 hours in every day and you will do what you can in the time you have. What doesn’t get done will be done later.

Perfection is not achievable for any of us so please create your thing, whatever that is, and get it out there. Always remember, “A done something is always better than a perfect nothing”.

If you make a mistake or something can be improved there is always a way round. We learn more from our mistakes than our successes. To fail is to succeed.

Be Grateful

We all have periods in our lives where we think we can’t move forward, we feel stuck and the future looks bleak. All you need is one small step forward and the light becomes brighter. That one small step is often taking a look around and being grateful for what you have or what you have done.

You may not be as wealthy as you want to be but you may have a beautiful family or home.

You may not be the best in business (yet!) or running up the corporate ladder but you are a great parent, partner, child, sibling and/or friend.

You may not be as slim as you want to be compared to others but you have your health and are working on losing that excess weight.

You may not be (nor want to be for that matter) the “centre of attention” in a crowd but you are a true friend, loyal and a great listener.

You may feel overwhelmed and unable to ask for help but the achievements you have made in life no matter how small will show you that you have greatness within you, you are unique and have a great deal to offer. (When you do ask for help you will be surprised how pleased that person will be that you asked for their help, you singled them out. They will appreciate you – one step, take it).


Take today to reflect on where you are and then resolve to start the change, today. You owe it to yourself.

Have a great day

Until next time!

One caveat here before I go, I am not a doctor nor medically trained in any way and nothing in here constitutes medical advice. You should always seek advice before taking on exercise and never change any medication without first seeking doctor’s advice.

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