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Levi’s Jeans





Levi’s Patent Papers


California, the sunshine state of America, was gleaming for another reason back in 1848.


On a farm in Sacramento, near the town of Caloma in January 1848, whilst working on John Sutter’s ranch, building a saw mill, John Marshall found gold.


The two men tried to keep the find quiet, but word soon got out and before long people were coming from all around in search of fame and fortune.


The Gold Rush brought tens of thousands of people to the area from all over the world and with it the need for supplies, tools and workwear.


One man, recognizing the business potential this brought, arrived from New York to San Francisco to set up a branch of the family wholesale dry goods and garment business. His business grew quickly as did his reputation for quality.


Then one day an opportunity arose that he could not refuse, that opportunity was to change his life and the lives of many others and would start a 150 year success story that continues to thrive to this day.


This is the story of Levi’s Jeans. 

Portrait of Levi Strauss, circa 1850s. Wikimedia

Jacob Davis : Wikimediacommons


The sources I mentioned in the show are listed below

Levis Strauss.com

A Short History of Denim

BBC – The Denim Revolution

John Sutter’s Account



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