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Disclaimers and Disclosures


Updated: 20 July 2020

Hi there, I want to be sure that when you read and/or get involved with this site, you know that this is a factual, honest and transparent site.

The disclaimers below are to protect you (and me) and form part of the policies of participating in this website.

Thanks for being here.

By reading and following this site, there are things that you need to know about the information and any recommendations that I give.

  1. Every post is reviewed and checked for accuracy at the time of posting. Should you notice any discrepancies please get in touch so it can be updated. All sources are clearly listed and linked to.
  2. I, Lianne Walker am an Associate for Amazon and have other affiliate relationships with Site Ground, Namecheap, Mailerlite and Podcaster’s Paradise. These are all companies whose products I use or have used, and I may recommend on this website. These recommendations are given solely based on my experience; you may not have the same results or experience with them. The goods will be provided to you at no extra cost and any commission I receive is a recognition for the introduction. Thank you, your trust means everything to me and I would never compromise that.
  3. Nothing on this site constitutes financial or legal advice. You should not enter into any transactions, agreements or ideas without first seeking financial or legal advice from a suitable qualified person. I, Lianne Walker, this site, or its parent company Fresh Perspective Enterprises Ltd are not legally qualified and have no association with financial institutions.
  4. Nothing on this site constitutes medical advice. You should not undertake any of the suggestions or ideas without first seeking medical help. I, Lianne Walker, this site, or its parent company, Fresh Perspective Enterprises Ltd are not medically qualified.


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