A Blank Sheet of Paper – start your day without expectations

by Lianne Walker

We start every day with a blank sheet of paper.

No! I hear you cry, I have my To Do List, my goals to achieve, my routines to follow, my hobbies to do and my commitments to others.

Ah, that may be true, you may feel that you have your life planned out to the minute, but in reality, you don’t and that’s a good thing, I promise you.

When we awake from our night’s sleep, we start each day with a blank sheet of paper.

We may have expectations of how our day is going to unfold, think we know how it will turn out but we really don’t know.

We have no idea

  • What someone is going to say to us?


  • How we’re going to feel?


  • What the weather is going to be (certainly in Scotland we can have 4 seasons in one day!)?


  • Whether our commute will be eventful or uneventful?


  • How our exercise plans for the day will go?


  • What we’ll eat and drink that day (I mean everything, not just those pre-packed meals in the fridge)?


  • Who we might meet for the first time?


  • And so on.


By not knowing all of these things, we can simply live for the day.


  • We can take things as they come, react and respond as we feel at the time. We can approach anything without expectation of its outcome and that is a very liberating feeling.


  • We can really have conversations by listening to what people have to say and responding appropriately because, we can.


  • We can do things with freedom and a sense of exploration because we’ll roll with it, let it take us where it goes.


Simply Living each day, enjoying the present, not worrying about the past or fearing the future gives you the opportunity to experience the day, live and learn like never before.


By the end of your day

By the end of your day your blank sheet of paper will have filled up, you will have completed tasks, achieved things you didn’t the day before, you will be wiser and stronger and more able to greet tomorrow with optimism and self-belief.

For the next few days, when you wake each day, allow yourself time to embrace the blank sheet of paper (metaphoric or real) and look forward to what is to come for the day ahead.

Your To-Do list, routines and commitments are still there. Instead of being burdens on your day, even stresses, worries or concerns they are just part of your overall day and seeing them as such will allow you to deal with them more easily and with a fresh perspective.

Try this for a few days and let me know how it goes, in the comments below tell me if this changed your outlook, your approach and made your day go a little easier. I’d love to hear how you got on.


Until Next Time, have a great day!


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