Begin Again – a new dawn, a new day

by Lianne Walker

As the day dawns, we begin again, with new opportunity and a fresh perspective.

To begin again means there has been something before.

It may have been something that mattered, that you cared about or

Something that you needed to end or

Something you have chosen to start anew?

Something that wasn’t working, that you have chosen to end and begin again? or

Something that happened that meant you had to begin again or

It may just be a new day with new opportunity to begin again.

Whatever it was, today you can hit refresh.


Yesterday is past, it will always be there, the experiences we’ve shared, the knowledge we’ve gained and learned from.

Today is the present, it is here to live, love and experience.

Tomorrow is the future, we know not what that holds but we can influence it by what we do today.


To Begin Again is

Exciting, exhilarating, frightening, daunting, it may be challenging but most of all it is choice.

Your choice.


Your choice to make it as you want;


Your choice to accept or not;


Your choice to change or keep the same;


Your choice to try new things;


Your choice to create, discard or renew.

begin again from little acorns

Image by caleb-lucas-unsplash

To be ready to Begin Again takes

Courage, Commitment, Knowledge, Care, Creativity and the need to Dig Deep.


You can do this.
You are worth it.


Let’s do this, together, Take a hand, I am with you all the way

Here’s to a New Day, a New Dawn.

Let’s Begin Again


Let me know in the comments below (or email me at what it is you want to change, why you are beginning again. If you are not ready to share that is completely fine, it is great to have you here.

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