About Me

About Me

Hi there, thanks for stopping by.

This website is the culmination of a long journey for me;  I have reached a point in my life through a lot of twists and turns to where I have a need to make sense of it all, to live life for today and to give back.

I am fascinated by people, our environment and our place in that and am also endlessly curious to understand what makes us tick and why we do the things we do.

When you read that, it may not come as a surprise to know that my background and degree is in Science and my particular area of interest is the Biological Sciences.


I genuinely believe that we all have something great to offer and by doing one thing every day we will get closer to where we want to be.

My starting point will be to ask what does being human really mean, today, what influences us and why?

By exploring the scientific research, history and the everyday, it allows me to better understand how to bring that to our daily lives so they have true benefit. 

I want to find out how small changes can have a big impact and how we can bridge a gap between experience and autopilot, making what we do both fulfilling and have meaning.

What you’ll get from being here

First and foremost, I hope you get enjoyment, understanding, new ideas and some inspiration.

My work is part storytelling, part review, part experimental and part research.

As we go, I like to experiment with different ideas and challenges and then share those with you.  That combined with the results of my research and reviews, I hope to find practical ways that we can use to make a difference to our lives today and every day.

The main place that I share this information is through my weekly newsletter, my podcast and here. To be sure that you don’t miss anything sign up below; I will never share your information, that’s a promise.

I am looking forward to the journey and to our conversations.

Until then have a great day!