by Lianne Walker

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Hi, I’m Lianne Walker and this is InJustOneDay; thanks for being here.

I started InJustOneDay to share (and teach) what I know and have learned about getting started on a new path and how you can do the same.

No matter what role we play, what story we tell, we are all creators of some kind. Let me help you release your creative voice, you deserve to be heard.

We’re very lucky that we live in the age that we do, with information available at a touch of a button, all day every day.

Despite that, more and more of us are confused, feeling overwhelmed, unfulfilled and stuck, not knowing which way to turn.

Here at InJustOneDay, I hope to take some of that confusion away and give you ways that you can simply get started on your transformative road, today.

Over the last 5+ years I’ve studied, I’ve tested, I’ve failed, I’ve succeeded and I’m still learning, always learning, every day.

I’m going to share what I’ve learned and get you started on your path to doing what matters to you.

This site shows you how you can find a way through with

  • practical step by step guides,
  • articles about the why, the who and what we do what we do (based on scientific research) and
  • how you can benefit from that and
  • stories of people who are already doing what they are meant to do and how they got there.

We are all unique and have so much to offer, we deserve to shine.

I know exactly what it feels like to have to unexpectedly change my life’s direction completely and start again; I chose a new way and am so very glad I did.

Simply Start today with a Fresh Perspective and you won’t look back.

I started again and so can you. (My Story)

Finally, I believe that consciously choosing how we live opens up a world of possibility.

Choosing to simply live every day with honesty, authenticity and with kindness, to ourselves and those around us.

Choosing the path we take, not bound by others or by expectations.

Choosing to take care of ourselves so that we are better able to contribute and give back.

Choosing to keep learning and to grow.

Choosing to live in a world that we care for and about, so that future generations can benefit.

Choosing to have a voice and finding that voice.

Thanks for being here. Let’s get started!


What story would you like your life to tell?


Do you want to start something new but don't know how?

You've come to the right place. Stay awhile, let's get you on your way.

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