Simple phrases that may make someone’s day – here’s 5 to start with.

by Lianne Walker

Simple Phrases we thought we say every day but often don’t, can change someone’s day; remembering to say them is another matter.

We can all go about our day and think that we’re saying things or that certain things don’t need to be said because “they know what I mean, or they know that I believe that”.

Have there been times when you wished you had said something, the time has passed, and you feel you’ve missed a chance? I know I have and the feeling lingers with me.

We may think or believe there is no need to let people know how we feel, that we are there for them or that we care about them, but it is really important that we take the time to reinforce this regularly.

A Few Simple Words is all it takes

A few words, a few minutes of connection can make all the difference; it can often have surprising effects such as

  1. Making the person feel that they are worthwhile, they are loved and cared about.
  2. Make you feel better about yourself by recognising the people around you, you give back by showing kindness.
  3. It might bring to light something you didn’t know about, something that has happened or that they have done or that they’re struggling with. If you don’t ask you will never know.
  4. It might bring new opportunities for you to connect, receive and make invitations, receive and make calls and build bridges if needed.
  5. It simplifies what can sometimes be a complex problem, by reaching out you can tell someone that you are here and that you do care.


If you say these 5 things whenever you can, you’ll see and feel the difference


1. Thank You

Saying thank you is a simple thing to do but often overlooked. When was the last time that you said thank you to a loved one?

Thank you for being who they are, for being your partner, for supporting you, for loving you?

Try it today you will be glad you did

They’ll thank you for it!


2. I Love You

When did you last say “I Love You ” but with meaning – not just a “Love You” at the end of a call but saying it as you really mean it?

We know that we love our nearest and dearest and we would do all that we can for them, but do they know that?

Our daily lives take over and often we forget to take time out and remind people that we love them. It means a great deal and can change your relationship for the better.


3. How are you?

No really How are You?

Look at the person directly when you ask that and listen carefully to their answer.

Often we say “Oh fine thanks” and then we move on but what if they see that you are genuinely interested in their answer, that you do care how they are today? What might be their answer then and where might it lead?

Understanding how someone is really feeling could help them greatly.

They may not open up straight away but will remember that you were genuine when you asked and may seek you out later.


4. What kind of day have you had?

Sharing how each other’s day has gone is a great way to stay connected with your family and your friends.

It may start with a good conversation around the dinner table; this is the time of the day that my family really value. We have time to chat and laugh and enjoy one another’s company.

Why not give a friend, parent or family member a quick call just to let them know you were thinking about them?


5. Can I help?

This is a simple question but often hard to ask because you don’t know how it will be taken or what you may end up being asked to do!

It can be as simple as helping with a chore, helping someone cross the road, helping someone with a task at work, helping take a task off someone’s plate.

By asking if you can help, you reach out to someone and you connect with them,  it gives you an opportunity to speak to them and catch up or to introduce yourself and break the ice.

You give back without wanting anything in return. What you gain by saying these three words is lasting, for you and for them.

Who will you ask today? Let me know in the comments below and tell me how you got on. If you don’t want to give the details that’s fine, its the act of doing it that counts.

Until next time. Have a great day!



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